The ‘Babies’ group encourages learning through songs and reinforcing new key words & themes each week through puppet play and short stories.


The ‘Toddlers’ program closely follows the structure of the ‘babies’ classes, using songs as the main method of teaching.

Big kids

The ‘Bigkids’ program involves themed classes incorporating songs, games, stories, puppet plays, interactive play (including parachute games), and craft activities. 

French club

5-10 YEARS
The French Club classes provide an opportunity for children to learn independently from their parents.

who we are

Bonjour Babies is a fun, engaging and interactive language learning program for children aged 6 months to 10 years.

Our programs capitalise on the benefits of exposing children to a second language in their early formative years when the brain effortlessly and naturally acquires languages.

Research shows that early exposure to a second language facilitates growth and integration of the developing brain, leading to improved cognitive functioning and superior reading, writing, analytical and even social skills.

Bonjour Babies is based on the latest research relevant to language development, which isolates the first years of life as being the critical years for laying the foundations for later higher learning abilities that are life-lasting.

We aim to create a fun, creative and stimulating learning environment where children can learn at their own independent pace. It is fun and it works!

So we invite you to give your children a bilingual head start by joining us for songs, games and stories in French!


Bonjour Babies Groups and Curriculum:

Bonjour Babies has 4 groups divided into appropriate developmental age categories. Research has shown that children learn most effectively when more than one sense is engaged simultaneously. Hence Bonjour Babies programs have been thoughtfully planned to incorporate singing, movement, actions, and sensory props to promote the most effective learning and retention of a second language.

‘Bonjour Babies’ - 6 months-2 years (40 mins)

The ‘Babies’ group introduces the French language through simple songs and actions, with new key words being introduced each week. Many songs are interactive, encouraging the caregiver to engage their child in simple actions to reinforce the key words and to create a fun shared learning experience!

Sight words are given to the children each week, creating a record book of their learning. This program is designed to enable early language exposure in a fun, friendly social environment that is accessible to babies (as well as parents that may be new to the language).

‘Bonjour Toddlers’ - 2-3 years (45 mins)

The ‘Toddlers’ program closely follows the structure of the ‘babies’ classes, using songs as the main method of teaching. Additionally, the children are exposed to more complex sentences and delivered verbal instructions to follow. Basic themes are introduced, such as morning routines, emotions, weather, eating and drinking language, and colours. Simple games using the parachute, as well as interactive songs are used to encourage the children to start verbalising the language in a fun and effective way.

‘Bonjour Bigkids’ - 3-6 years (45 mins)

The ‘Bigkids’ program involves themed classes incorporating songs, games, stories, puppet plays, interactive play (including parachute games), and craft activities.  Children revise the previous week’s themes at the beginning of each class and have regular routine of songs to instil a sense of mastery in the children. Collaborative learning tasks, such as making themed murals, are designed to elicit cooperative learning and shared enthusiasm for group outcomes.  These interactive classes enable children to begin speaking the basics as well as improve their oral comprehension.

Parents are not required to be involved but are more than welcome to participate.

‘Bonjour French Club’ - 5-10 years (1-2 hours)

The French Club classes provide an opportunity for children to learn independently from their parents. They cover basic French language conversational skills, routine discussions (introductions, eating, drinking, daily routines), the weather, feelings, days of the week and numbers. Each term follows a theme, which is incorporated in the chosen activities, songs and learning aids.

Children are encouraged to speak French by repeating phrases and participating in games that elicit their verbal skills. Instructions are also given to aid oral comprehension. Worksheets reinforce learning through different mediums, and give children the opportunity to revise their work at home. We place strong emphasises on learning through fun, so adapting the program to feed into the children’s interests is also imperative. Classes vary from 1-2 hours to enable a more intensive learning period.


The benefits of exposing young children to a second language

There is a plethora of research outlining the benefits of exposing children to second languages. Most linguists believe that the prime 'window of opportunity' to begin language acquisition is before six years of age. This is why Bonjour Babies is a leader in it’s field, as it’s the only group that exposes children to a second language from as young as 6 months of age.

Recent studies suggest that learning a second language in early life stimulates brain development. This has abandoned previous concerns that learning a second language creates language confusion and speech delays. To the contrary, studies have shown that bilingual children have more extensive vocabularies than their mono-lingual peers. Bilingual children also outperform their mono-lingual counterparts in reading, writing, analytical and social skills.

Current research supports the following cognitive and developmental advantages of raising a bilingual/multilingual child:

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Bonjour Babies is a strong believer in providing access to quality educational services to as many people as possible.

As such we have adopted a franchise model to enable every Australian child (and their caregivers) to have access to, and hence benefit from everything that our Bonjour Babies programs have to offer.

To be suitable qualifier, you must have a genuine interest in perpetuating the benefits of bilingualism in children’s early fundamental years, be highly self driven, organised and motivated, and have exceptional interpersonal skills. Bonjour Babies teachers must be native French speakers and have requisite teaching or childcare experience. The franchisee may conduct all other administrative and marketing roles entailed in running the business.

If you love working with children and their families and wish to support and encourage the cognitive benefits of language learning, then we would love to hear from you!

What does a franchisee get from a Bonjour Babies franchise?

Our franchises include a multitude of business benefits including but not limited to:


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