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Little Learners

Bonjour Babies is a fun and stimulating French language learning program for little ones aged from 6 months to 12 years.

Our programs give children the opportunity to be exposed to a second language in their early formative years, whilst simultaneously enabling caregivers to learn along with them. So it’s French for fun for you and your little one!

Bonjour babies french classes for kids aged 2 years to 12 years of age

Our French Classes

We introduce the beauty of the French language to children as
young as 6 months, harnessing their innate language-learning capabilities.


6 months - 2 years

The ‘Babies’ group encourages learning through songs and reinforcing new key words & themes each week through puppet play and short stories.


2 - 3 years

The ‘Toddlers’ program closely follows the structure of the ‘babies’ classes, using songs as the main method of teaching.

Big Kids

3 - 5 years

The ‘Big Kids’ program involves themed classes incorporating songs, games, stories, puppet plays, interactive play (including parachute games), and craft activities

French Club

5 - 12 years

The French Club classes provide an opportunity for children to learn independently from their parents.

Fun, engaging and interactive language learning program

Who we are

Our programs capitalise on the benefits of exposing children to a second language in their early formative years when the brain effortlessly and naturally acquires languages.

Research shows that early exposure to a second language facilitates growth and integration of the developing brain, leading to improved cognitive functioning and superior reading, writing, analytical and even social skills.

Bonjour Babies is based on the latest research relevant to language development, which isolates the first years of life as being the critical years for laying the foundations for later higher learning abilities that are life-lasting.

We aim to create a fun, creative and stimulating learning environment where children can learn at their own independent pace. It is fun and it works!

Why Choose Bonjour Babies


Years of experience

Bonjour Babies has emerged as a beacon in the world of early childhood language learning, specialising in making the French language accessible, engaging, and fun for young learners.

With a decade of success, Bonjour Babies remains committed to fostering a global community of young learners, embracing the joy of discovery and the power of bilingual beginnings.


Classes run

We deliver a high-quality, immersive language learning experiences. Each class is meticulously designed to engage young minds, blending linguistic skills with cultural insights to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of the French language.

Our diverse class offerings ensure that every child, regardless of their learning style or background, finds a supportive and enriching environment to thrive in.


Little learners

With over 4,200 little learners having completed our classes, Bonjour Babies proudly stands at the forefront of nurturing a new generation of bilingual children. This remarkable milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to high-quality early childhood language education.

Each of these young graduates embodies the successful fusion of language skills and cultural understanding, demonstrating the effectiveness of our immersive and joyful learning approach.

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More Than Language Learning

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At Bonjour Babies, you’re not just enrolling in a program; you’re becoming part of a community that cherishes growth, embraces diversity, and celebrates every milestone with joy.

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