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Where Language Adventures Begin at 6 Months

Language for Little Learners

At Bonjour Babies, we believe that learning a new language opens doors to a world of adventure and cultural richness.

Our French language learning program is tailored for young children from 6 months to 10 years old, providing a fun and educational experience that aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Benefits of French Classes at your Child Care Centre

How we align with the Early Years Learning Framework

At Bonjour Babies, we know the importance of being aligned with the EYLF for little learners.

Belonging, Being & Becoming

We provide a nurturing environment where every child feels a deep sense of belonging. Our engaging activities in French language and culture help children build a strong sense of identity and well-being. They grow confident and respected, setting a solid foundation for their language learning journey.

Learning Through Play

Our core belief is that children learn best through play. Bonjour Babies makes learning French enjoyable and exciting through hands-on activities, interactive games, lively songs, and captivating stories. These play-based experiences support cognitive, social, and emotional development, fostering a lifelong love for learning.

Holistic Development

We embrace a holistic approach to development. Each session is designed to enhance physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills, promoting well-rounded growth. Whether it’s through dance, social interaction, or language-rich activities, we prepare children to thrive as capable and curious learners.

Cultural Awareness & Diversity

Cultural diversity is at the heart of our curriculum. Children discover the joys of French customs, traditions, and celebrations, gaining a global perspective and an appreciation for cultural differences.

Partnerships with Families &Communities

Strong partnerships with families and communities are vital. We engage parents in the language learning process, offering resources and support to extend the learning experience beyond our classes. Our collaboration with community and educational centers enriches our program, ensuring a cohesive learning environment.

Enrich Your Centre's Curriculum with French

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More Than Language Learning

Why Choose Bonjour Babies

Distinctive Language Offering

Adding French to your curriculum distinguishes your centre from others, making it a sought-after choice for parents eager to give their children the gift of a second language.

Seamless Integration

We handle all resources and adapt seamlessly to your centre's specific needs, ensuring a smooth implementation of our program.

Community-Driven Success

Many parents discover Bonjour Babies through community classes and often choose or recommend centres serviced by us. Our reputation grows through these strong community ties, reflecting the trust and value parents place in our program.

More Than Language Learning

Values That Guide Us


At the heart of what we do is community—bringing families together in a space where everyone grows, not just in language but in connection and respect for each journey.


We champion inclusivity, ensuring every child, from every background, finds a place with us where they're supported, valued, and free to learn in a way that's just right for them.


Learning here is an adventure, filled with curiosity and joy. Our activities are designed to make each discovery an exciting part of a bigger quest for knowledge.


We empower families, giving parents and caregivers the tools and insights to weave language learning into their lives, making it a shared journey that enriches every day.


And at the core of it all is joy. We believe learning should be fun, sparking a lifetime of positive feelings towards discovering new languages and cultures.

Enrich Your Centre's Curriculum with French

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What Parents say

Absolutely loves it!

“I’ve been taking my little girl to Bonjour Babies since she was 9 months old. She absolutely loves it. Now she is 20 months, and at dinner the other night she suddenly started singing one of the French songs we sing each week. It really goes in! It’s a beautiful class, with beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful teacher!”

~ Pip & Millie

Highly recommended

“My son has been attending Bonjour babies classes for a year since he was 2 years old.
I am very happy with my son’s progress in that time. He counts, knows colours, sings songs, expresses emotions, tells weather and more!
The teachers super friendly and the environment is fun and warm. Highly recommended.”

~ Anna

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