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Imagine a place where learning isn’t confined to the pages of a textbook but woven into the laughter and excitement of interactive games, songs, and storytelling.

That place is here. At Bonjour Babies, we believe in a holistic approach to language learning, where every lesson is an adventure, and every adventure builds a foundation for a brighter, more connected future.

We’re dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community where children can thrive, surrounded by the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and perspectives, shaping them into citizens of the world.

The passion behind Bonjour Babies

Bonjour, Hola, Hello

I’m Rocio Farnell, a mum to two energetic kids and the heart behind Bonjour Babies. Born in Chile and finding my way in New Zealand as a teenager, I know first-hand the challenges and richness that come with embracing a new language.

This journey wasn’t just about overcoming barriers; it was about discovering the power of communication. As a parent, I delved into the world of early childhood education, driven by a desire to pass on the gift of bilingualism to my kids, knowing I’m their bridge to a wider world.

This passion led me to Bonjour Babies, a venture started by Sarah Montgomery, a psychologist and mum who shared a similar dream: to open up young minds to new languages early on, unlocking not just linguistic skills but a treasure trove of cognitive benefits.

At Bonjour Babies, we’re more than a language program; we’re a community committed to fostering bilingualism in our next generation.

We believe in learning through fun, in integrating new words into daily life seamlessly, and most importantly, in the joy of connecting deeply with our children through every shared word and moment.

Meet our Teachers

With a flair for fun and a passion for play, our teachers bring the joy of French to life for our little learners. 

Madame Lucie

I was a substitute teacher in France and I have been working for 2 years and half as a French teacher with Bonjour Babies. I'm fluent in French, Portuguese and English

Favourite French Word

Jadore which means I adore

Favourite French person

Florence Foresti is a French comedian and actress. She makes sketches, it is so funny!! I can’t stop laughing.

Favourite French film


Interesting Fact

My mother is an amazing cook and so I always loved to eat, but I only started cooking at the age of 30.

Why do you love teaching kids?

I love teaching kids because I am building a relationship with them. I love to introduce my mother tongue to students. Teaching kids was always satisfying, I like watching kids grow. It is a very rewarding job!

Madame Eleanor

Madame Eleanor has a diploma in French Studies with 4 years of teaching literacy. Studied in France and Switzerland. Awarded Nicolas Baudin Grant and USYD Scholarship. Fluent in French, B1 in German. Passionate about language and culture.

Favourite French Word

Câlin which means cuddle

Favourite French person

Annie Ernaux

Favourite French film

Hiroshima, Mon Amour

Interesting Fact

I have 3 citizenships!

Madame Beatrice

Madame Beatrice is an experienced nanny with 2.5 years teaching French to kids. Fluent in French and English. Studying Film and Video, focusing on editing and advertising. Also, an aerial hoop dancer.

Favourite French Word

Chocolat which means chocolate

Favourite French person

My grandma, and also Coco Chanel

Favourite French film

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (French: De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté), Jacques Audiard, 2005

Interesting Fact

I love cats and glitter

Madame Audrey

After working in finance, I decided to focus on my passion: teaching and on something that defines me: my native language. So, I followed a year-long training by the Alliance Française and became a French teacher with a major in teaching to children.

Favourite French Word

Coucou which is a cute way to say hello

Favourite French person


Favourite French film

Belle et Sebastien

Interesting Fact

I have a puppy dog named Archie. Every time I walk out of the house, whether it be for the whole day or for 30 seconds just to pick up the mail, he welcomes me back as if he hasn’t seen me for a whole week! He is super cute.

Why do you love teaching kids?

Because they are eager to discover new things all the time. I love watching them when they hear new words and understand their meaning. And their proud smiles when they remember and say them aloud is everything!

Madame Cassandre

Madame Cassandre has a Bachelor's in Marketing and Tourism and an Advanced Diploma in Project Management, and has spent 4 years teaching French to 1-9 year-olds and 2 years as a nanny, also teaching French.

Favourite French Word

Anticonstitutionnellement! (the longest one, it has 25 letters!)

Favourite French person


Favourite French film


Interesting Fact

I studied marketing and ended up becoming minimalist!

Why do you love teaching kids?

Because they are so authentic, they have no filter, that is just amazing! Their reactions and comments make my day! I have so much fun with them, it is priceless.

Madame Sandrine

I have 13+ years in Early Childhood, I've founded daycares in France and taught French in Australia, enriching preschools, schools, and libraries with storytelling and French clubs.

Favourite French Word

Doudou because it’s a very sweet word for teddy bear and bonbon because I love lollies

Favourite French person

Thomas Pesquet our very French astronaut and Omar Sy in his French and American movies

Favourite French film

Asterix and Cleopatre

Interesting Fact

I became a rugby fan when I moved to Australia

Why do you love teaching kids?

Kids pick up things so fast and they're never afraid to give it a shot. I just love using games, songs, and stories to make their language learning experience one big adventure. It's pretty wild how they start repeating and recognizing French words by the second class. The best part is their big smile on their faces when I share the love of my native language.

Madame Nina

Madame Nina has worked in kindergartens and childcares - Organized activities in a French entertainment center - Several years’ experience as a French as a Foreign Language in summer camps

Favourite French Word

Sérendipité, I used to struggle saying it and laugh about it with my family. It sounds very cute. I also like the idea of discovering something by chance!

Favourite French person

Camille Etienne or l'Abbé Pierre (it was so hard to pick only one as both are really inspiring)

Favourite French film

Intouchable (not very original but I love it)

Interesting Fact

I grew up in Tunisia and arrived in France when I was 10. Both of my parents were primary school teachers in the capital.

Why do you love teaching kids?

I love how spontaneous and open they are. I think we have so much to learn from them. It is also amazing to see how fast they can learn and assimilate new things.

Madame Lena

Madame Lena is an experienced primary school teacher across France, Belgium, and Luxembourg with a Master's in Multilingual Education. Fluent in four languages and a seasoned basketball player with 15+ years on the court.

Favourite French Word

Farfelu, which means wacky

Favourite French person

Angèle (she is from the French-speaking part of Belgium)

Favourite French film

Les Intouchables

Interesting Fact

Despite having a genuine phobia of spiders, I somehow ended up in a country known for them.

Why do you love teaching kids?

Teaching kids gives me energy, and it's a great feeling to see their progress and accompany them in their development. I'm also still impressed by how time flies when working with children.

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More Than Language Learning

Values That Guide Us


At the heart of what we do is community—bringing families together in a space where everyone grows, not just in language but in connection and respect for each journey.


We champion inclusivity, ensuring every child, from every background, finds a place with us where they're supported, valued, and free to learn in a way that's just right for them.


Learning here is an adventure, filled with curiosity and joy. Our activities are designed to make each discovery an exciting part of a bigger quest for knowledge.


We empower families, giving parents and caregivers the tools and insights to weave language learning into their lives, making it a shared journey that enriches every day.


And at the core of it all is joy. We believe learning should be fun, sparking a lifetime of positive feelings towards discovering new languages and cultures.

What Parents say

Absolutely loves it!

“I’ve been taking my little girl to Bonjour Babies since she was 9 months old. She absolutely loves it. Now she is 20 months, and at dinner the other night she suddenly started singing one of the French songs we sing each week. It really goes in! It’s a beautiful class, with beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful teacher!”

~ Pip & Millie

Highly recommended

“My son has been attending Bonjour babies classes for a year since he was 2 years old.
I am very happy with my son’s progress in that time. He counts, knows colours, sings songs, expresses emotions, tells weather and more!
The teachers super friendly and the environment is fun and warm. Highly recommended.”

~ Anna

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More Than Language Learning

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