Why French?

The benefits of exposing young children to a second language

Where Language Adventures Begin at 6 Months

Language for Little Learners

At Bonjour Babies, we start teaching languages to little ones as young as 6 months old.

Why? Because we know it’s never too early to begin!

While learning can certainly occur at any age, research shows starting early provides unique advantages in language skills and cognitive abilities. Bonjour babies is an opportunity to immerse them in the world of language from the very beginning, fostering a lifelong love for communication.

Benefits of Your Child Learning a Second Language

Tiny Talkers, Huge Benefits

Current research supports the following cognitive and developmental advantages of raising a bilingual/multilingual child.

Sociocultural Benefits

Bilingualism provides access to different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. It fosters diversity, empathy, and understanding of various ways of thinking and expressing emotions.

Cognitive Benefits

Bilingualism has cognitive advantages such as improved attention control, problem-solving skills, and cognitive flexibility. It stimulates the brain and enhances executive function, potentially delaying the onset of dementia in later life.

Literacy Development

Exposure to multiple languages, especially in early childhood, supports literacy development in both languages. Reading books, storytelling, and engaging in various language-rich activities contribute to vocabulary growth and language proficiency.

Educational Advantages

Bilingualism offers educational advantages, including higher levels of language proficiency, academic achievement, and cognitive flexibility. It opens doors to bilingual and multilingual education programs, providing enriching learning experiences.

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More Than Language Learning

Values That Guide Us


At the heart of what we do is community—bringing families together in a space where everyone grows, not just in language but in connection and respect for each journey.


We champion inclusivity, ensuring every child, from every background, finds a place with us where they're supported, valued, and free to learn in a way that's just right for them.


Learning here is an adventure, filled with curiosity and joy. Our activities are designed to make each discovery an exciting part of a bigger quest for knowledge.


We empower families, giving parents and caregivers the tools and insights to weave language learning into their lives, making it a shared journey that enriches every day.


And at the core of it all is joy. We believe learning should be fun, sparking a lifetime of positive feelings towards discovering new languages and cultures.

What Parents say

Absolutely loves it!

“I’ve been taking my little girl to Bonjour Babies since she was 9 months old. She absolutely loves it. Now she is 20 months, and at dinner the other night she suddenly started singing one of the French songs we sing each week. It really goes in! It’s a beautiful class, with beautiful atmosphere and a beautiful teacher!”

~ Pip & Millie

Highly recommended

“My son has been attending Bonjour babies classes for a year since he was 2 years old.
I am very happy with my son’s progress in that time. He counts, knows colours, sings songs, expresses emotions, tells weather and more!
The teachers super friendly and the environment is fun and warm. Highly recommended.”

~ Anna

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More Than Language Learning

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At Bonjour Babies, you’re not just enrolling in a program; you’re becoming part of a community that cherishes growth, embraces diversity, and celebrates every milestone with joy.

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